Monday, October 25, 2010

Code name: Map Invoker

As Simon mentioned in previous post here, I am working on an application, which I am developing under the code name "Map Invoker".  It will generate random towns, from small little hamlets to large walled cities.  I've been concentrating on the algorithm side and am truely quite a ways towards a "feature complete" logic set.

So Simon was correct in stating that "He’s gone beyond proof of concept".  Soon I will be turning from generation to the interface so that all the parameters that I've included in the algorithms are exposed to the user so that the user can create an incredable range of different towns.

Once the paramter inputs are down and tested, then we will be looking into adding all the "garnish" that makes programs like this come alive.  So if you have any ideas, practical or "pie in the sky", I'd love to here them.  Either post your idea or email me at: SAUNDERL (at) HOTMAIL (dot) COM.