Monday, March 11, 2013

Starting Fresh

If you did not know before, I have a set of tutorials on how to get up and running on creating CC3 add-ins.  But, they were written for the Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions.  Anyone that can do math knows they were done over 8 years ago, and in the computer age that is almost forever.

So, I will be starting to “sort of” redo them.  They are individually large and complex, so I will be breaking them up into bite size chunks here on this blog.

Lets Start!

The current version of Visual Studio Express is 2012.  Unfortunately, it only works on Windows 8.  Because of this limitation, we will be using the Visual Studio Express 2010 versions.

To download VS 2010 C++ Express go to:

You will also what to download and install the associated windows SDK:

Next time, we will create a native exe in C++ to prove that we have everything downloaded and working properly.