Thursday, July 15, 2010

All the different ways to extend CC3

There are many ways to extend Campaign Cartographer 3: Macros, XP's, Intercom and reading and writing the file format directly.

In the blog posts that follow, we will be focusing on the middle two. Macros are good for a little automation but it just is not robust enough to produce complex functionality. If you can read/write the file system you could create some amazing things but A: It is a binary file B: It is compressed. So, it is just not a good place to start when learning to extend CC3.

So that leaves XP's and Intercom. They both can do great things with CC3, but from radically different directions.

An XP is an actual extension to CC3. So, if you want to add functionality to CC3, you will program an XP.

Intercom is a communication system with CC3. So, if you have an application that you want to integrate with CC3, Intercom is the system for you.

XP's will be my primary focus, simply because of the closer integration with CC3, but I will intersperse posts on Intercom to liven things up.

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