Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ok, you requested data, now what did you get?

Ok, so you have messed around with the RDATA function and you want to select an element, like a circle.  So you create a new RDATA function with the fallowing parameters:
  • Cursor:  RDC_PICK
  • Flags:  RDF_C
  • Type:  RD_Pick1
 Now create a data store variable of type pEntRec.

A pEntRec type is a very important type in writing XP's.  The pEntRec type is the generic entity pointer that can point to any type of drawing entity.  So, if you selected a circle with your RDATA call, pEntRec will point to the the circle entry within the "Drawing Database"

The "Drawing Database" is the collection of all the visible elements in the map.  When we select elements, Campaign Cartographer returns a pointer to the selected element in the "Drawing Database".

Once you get a pointer to an entity, you can edit, interrogate or delete it.

Every entity shares some common data - appropriately named: CSTUFF

CStuff is defined as:
Code Snippet - CSTUFF
  1. typedef struct
  2. {
  3.     int              ERLen;        // entity record length
  4.     unsigned char    EType;        // entity type code
  5.     char             EFlags;       // erase/select bits
  6.     char             EFlags2;      // extra flags
  7.     char             EColor;       // entity color
  8.     char             EColor2;      // fill (2nd) color
  9.     char             EThick;       // pen thickness 0..25.4 mm
  10.     short            WPlane;       // workplane (0 = XY plane)
  11.     short            ELayer;       // layer
  12.     short            ELStyle;      // line style (0=solid)
  13.     short            GroupID;      // group id (0 = not grouped)
  14.     short            EFStyle;      // fill style (0=hollow)
  15.     float            LWidth;       // line width
  16.     int              Tag;          // entity tag id
  17. } CSTUFF;

For example you have a pEntRec named pENTREC and you want to get the entities color:

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